SCAM stereotypes

The Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager (SCAM), Susie Cookbook, has revealed the first in her series of events at the White Elephant Enclosure for the over-65s, using the massive funding injection of £2994 she has managed to secure from the Chernobyl-by-Sea slush fund.

Revealing the first event Ms Cookbook said “I know exactly what the over-65s in Smalltown and Dullbridge like and that’s to look back at the war, which ended 15 years before they were born.

They may have been born during the Rock ‘n’ Roll years, and grown up during the Punk years, but I know they like nothing more than singing along to old war songs, so it’s going to be a lovely afternoon with all the greats, including songs from both World War.

You can’t tell me I don’t have any idea how the old people in Smalltown and Dullbridge like to spend their leisure time. I’ve got my finger on their slightly weak pulse.

To tempt seniors further there will be free tea and cake, all for the subsidised ticket price of £3.94. People of a certain age only drink tea and eat cake. At least, that’s what Dictator Dullard does anyway.”

The event will take place on a wet Wednesday afternoon in June, when the over-65s won’t have anything better to do, apart from visit the library or go on tours of the district using their free bus pass.

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