More buses myth

Last Bus has trumpeted the arrival of new timetables for bus services between Smalltown and Dullbridge and the wider world.

The new timetables detail the expected arrival and departure of buses during the summer months and is not so much a new timetable but last year’s summer timetable reintroduced for the summer period.

Residents should bear in mind that, although the timetable includes some extra services, there is no guarantee that any of the buses will turn up on time, or turn up at all.

In addition, anyone hoping to be able to escape Smalltown and Dullbridge in the evening will be sorely disappointed, as there will still be no buses available after 7.30pm.

It is expected that Dictator Dullard will claim that her ‘On the Buses’ campaign to improve public transport in Smalltown and Dullbridge will claim the credit for the reintroduction of the summer timetable, even though it’s the same summer timetable that Last Bus release every year.

One thought on “More buses myth

  1. Bus timetables are pointless as the buses either break down or turn up when they feel like it and sometimes you don’t get one for two hours or several arrive at once. So then you have to pick the one least likely to break down. Which is a bit like doing the lottery.

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