Watership down

Watership down!

Shocking rumours are circulating in Smalltown today that Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Councillor, Jim Rabbithole, has sensationally stepped down from his position.

Cllr Rabbithole has yet to make public his reasons for doing so, but the move has been on the cards for a number of months, as he became increasingly frustrated by both his fellow BeFuddled Party members and SaD Town Council Staff.

Rabbithole was left fuming after Councillors voted to disband the Town Unimprovements Committee, of which he was chair. The decision, which was made during the recent SaD Full Council meeting after very little discussion, is believed to have been made during a private BeFuddled Party meeting,cat the behest of Dictator Dullard and Deputy Dictator Cruella Sherry.

Cllr Rabbithole was also known to have been incensed by the Smalltown Administration Guru (SAG), Katie Global’s refusal to allow him sight of the original tender for Christmas Trees, after he asked if it would be possible to take advantage of an offer of free trees. In January this year, Rabbithole made clear that he was not at all happy at having to take the flak for the dismal Christmas Light Display and the infamous Smalltown Christmas Hedge.

The resignation marks the second BeFuddled member to leave since they took control of SaD Town Council and all bets are on for a further two to declare their intention to leave in the near future. Rats leaving the sinking ship, perhaps. The race will now be on to find replacements.

It is understood Squire Teflon’s Illiberal Party may now be looking to mount a coup to take control of SaD TC as the current make up is now seven BeFuddleds, eight Illiberals and one Working Man and one In It For Himself.

Cllr Rabbithole has apparently told friends that he will now spend more time in his burrow with his colony.

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  1. This is exciting. I hope the BeFuddleds select me as a candidate again, after I missed out on being elected in Dullbridge. They’ll have to really, because they won’t find anyone else who wants to do it. I love the BeFuddleds.

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