Latest WEE user numbers revealed

The Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager (SCAM), Susie Cookbook, has once again managed to seasonally adjust the small number of users of the White Elephant Enclosure into something big.

The latest figures, covering the 51 day period from 1st February to 22nd March, reveal that a total of 224 people attended the three community user groups at the WEE.

Over the period it is claimed that the Smalltown Singing Club had 61 attendees, Hurling 101 and the Painting Club 62. Incredible eh? Except this is a seven week total, with the same people counted seven times which means that, in reality only 32 individuals joined in with a community club each week.

This is actually less people than the previous period, when around 36 people attended one of the three weekly classes.

Unfortunately, the members of the WEE Mismanagement Committee are unlikely to realise this, as they traditionally take the SCAM’s figures at face value – so that total of 224 people will be accepted as ‘amazing’.

The SCAM has also announced plans for a new group – the Smalltown Sewing Club. The group will meet once a month on a Tuesday afternoon, with a free first session, followed by a £5 per session fee thereafter. The Smalltown Sewing Club will compete for members with all the well-established sewing clubs who already meet in various locations around Smalltown and Dullbridge.

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  1. went to comedy show the other night. cost £15,00 for ticket which was not bad but then you get there and are sat on little folding hard chairs for more than 2 hours and either the mikes were no good or comedians didn’t speak up.hardly heard them at all. So really wasted £15.00 do they have a loop system in the hall? Maybe this is why hardly anyone goes to shows.

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