About Somerset Clive

Somerset Clive documents life in one of the small towns which scatter the coastline of England like unfortunate pimples on a neglected, ruddy complexion. Despite delighting in beautiful surrounding countryside, surprising affluence in parts of the population, and a tremendous amount of captive Brummies boosting their economy.

However, life is not all it seems – local politicians, drunk on power (and on late-night boozy social media binges) spar over funding, trying to ensure their pet projects or favourite groups gain grants. In a whirl of secret discussion groups, ever-shifting allegencies and sleazy affairs, the only losers are the local taxpayers.

Smalltown and Dullbridge could be anywhere – maybe even everywhere – but they’re aren’t where you might be thinking they are. Honest.

All the posts here are written by Clive and his band of resolute, steadfast residents. They care too much to see their town’s struggle, but too little to worry about the thin-skins of the local political elite. We invite you to bask in the dystopian nightmare of SomersetClive.