Charity Ride visits Smalltown

Hundreds of Mobiity Scooters crawled through Smalltown on Sunday, as part of an event to visit all the charity shops in the town.

Holidaymakers and residents took part in the event, which saw Mobility Scooters of all shapes and sizes throng through the streets of Smalltown, before parking up on Smalltown Seafront, so that riders could make use of the toilets in Witherspoons.

Dictator Dullard also got in on the action, as she rode pillion on a Mobility Scooter owned by Cuthbert Dodge, 67, who had traveled from Brumingham via Hell Hole Holiday Park.

Charity shops in the area reported an increase in sales and cafe owners reported small scuffles on the pavements outside their premises as owners tried to jockey for position to park.

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