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Several readers have put pen to paper to comment on our piece about Dictator Dullard’s new signs at Dullbridge Train Station.

Many were critical of the move, but a small number of BeFuddled Party supporters also got in touch. Here’s what they had to say.

Dear Mr Clive,

Thank you for letting me myself personally spend some time in your stationery cupboard. It was really awesome and I’d personally love to come back very soon. These are me myself I’s thoughts on Dictator Dullard’s awesome new signs.

i think it’s a great idea! Some might have smartphones but we can’t expect everyone to have one and to be computer or smart phone literate (some of us aren’t literate at all), amongst battery issues which has also been mentioned.

As much as I myself admire welcoming the digital age, I personally don’t have full confidence in it just yet when it comes to stability of softwares and in this case good, quality phone reception for transfering data and reliance on battery percentage.

Cllr Robb Apprentice-Candlestick Maker. SaD Councillor.

Mr Clive Saint

Regarding the person who thought the signs were pointless when everyone has a mobile phone.

This is the problem, everything relies on phone battery. It’s one less worry to know that essential and simple information is provided.

Frequently my son gets lost, especially when he’s on his way home from Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council meetings. He runs out of battery, because he’s forgotten to charge it and until British Telephones follow up on his suggestion to convert the kiosk opposite the White Elephant Enclosure and include a charging point, he is unable to use his phone.

I have taught him to put his ticket on his travel card to not rely on his phone. But this doesn’t help when he can’t find his way from the bus stop to the train station.

Sally Apprentice-Candlestick Maker

Dear Clive,

I’d like to thank you and your team for such a wonderful, superduper, informative website. I particularly like the articles which mention me.

I notice that some of your readers have been rather critical of my new signs. Yes, I know Dictator Dullard is harboring under the misapprehension that they are her signs, but they are not. They are mine. All my idea.

If any of your readers would like to get involved with ideas, get in touch.

If your ideas are better, then get in touch directly with me, and I can pretend they are my ideas.

Clara Scullery
BeFuddled Party Prospective Missing Person

P. S. The next time someone needs to open a bag of crisps please let me know. I’m very happy to help, but only on condition that press photographers are also attending.

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