Dictator splashes the cash

It has been revealed that Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Headmistress, Mayor and Dictator Cllr Kelsey Dullard has overspent on her budget, with some residents asking what has happened to the money.

Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council approve a budget of £5000 per year, which the Town Mayor can spend on anything they like – for example: travel costs, sandwiches and tea bags.

However recent accounts show that Cllr Dullard has claimed £5231 for her last year, £231 above her allowance. This is on top of the funding the Mayor has claimed from other budgets, for example the events budget for her recent entertainment of the deputation of visitors from Smalltown’s Twin Town Huang Lo in North Korea, or the money used to hire local school halls for the Climate Rescue Action Plan (CRAP) Working Group, the Council for Youth and the Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Youth Celebration – which also saw a variety of cups and medals purchased.

Dictator Dullard also single-handedly approved spending money to hire Chapelmeadows School to hold SaDTC Full Council meetings, before selecting the Porland Community Hall for later meetings. It is not yet known if the Porland Community Hall receives money from the Town Council to cover the use of the venue, or if some sort of deal has been arranged with Hall supremo and SaD Town Councillor Robert NotBothered.

Whilst the sum of £231 may seem a trivial amount this, along with many of Dictator Dullard’s other initiatives, was at no stage approved by any committee and is yet another example of Dictator Dullard believing that she has carte blanche to do as she wants without having to consult or even tell anyone what she’s up to.

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