Saul Synn shares support

Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Illiberal Town Councillor Saul Synn has shared his support for Squire Teflon and his close-friend Mistress Bones’ campaign to Save Our WEE (SOW).

Cllr Synn said “We have to fight this awful decision by the BeFuddled’s to close the White Elephant Enclosure. We mustn’t let them rip out the heart of Smalltown and Dullbridge’s WEE.”

Cllr Synn also attempted (and failed) to share the Dream Team’s original AceCrook post which firmly lays the blame for the perceived closure at the feet of the BeFuddled Party, seemingly oblivious to the fact that financing the WEE has been a bone of contention amongst residents for years before the BeFuddleds took control of SaD Town Council.

Whilat the BeFuddleds have asked for ideas to make the WEE less of a drain on Town Council resources, they haven’t actually suggested closing it. The only reference to closure has come from Squire Teflon and it seems the entire Save our WEE campaign is based on lies spread by none other than the Squire himself.

The original AceCrook post attracted several comments which gave the true facts, however these have since been deleted, because facts don’t matter when it comes to the Squire and Mistress Bones particular brand of politics.

However, Cllr Synn is well placed to join in with the SOW campaign having never attended a single Council meeting where the subject of the WEE has been discussed.

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