Councillor receives pat on head

Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Councillor Rob Apprentice-Candlestick Maker described himself as ‘overjoyed‘ after he received a pat on the head from Deputy Headmistress Eugenie Sherry.

During the SaDTC Full Town Council meeting at the end of January, Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker detailed his work on his project ‘Helping the Hundreds of Smalltown and Dullbridge Homeless People’.

Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Baker told his fellow councillors that he had been working very hard trying to persuade his friends and family to join his Working Party and has so far managed to rope in his mum to help.

He said “I’m hopeful that Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council will be able to address the issue of the lack of council houses in the area and that the Working Party can identify some places where we can either build new council houses or even convert an existing SaDTC property into a hostel.

I’ve been talking to the operators of similar hostels in Smalltown and Dullbridge as well as to Sadgebore District Council, who already have a Homeless Advice Outreach Team, with an emergency contact number specifically to help anyone in need.

However, the number of homeless people in the streets of Smalltown and Dullbridge is concerning and we really need to do something about it. If anyone would like to join my Working Party please talk to my mum after the meeting.”

Cllr. Sherry thanked Cllr. Rob Apprentice Maker and his mum for their hard work, although she did point out to the Councillor that the project was supposed to be “all your own work” and that he “shouldn’t be getting your mum to do your homework for you.”

A further meeting of the Working Party will be taking place shortly in Mrs Apprentice-Candlestick Maker’s kitchen.

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