Sighting of the Secret Smalltown Sign?

The missing Smalltown sign

SomersetClive has been informed of a possible sighting of the missing Smalltown town sign.

Regular readers will know that the sign was commissioned in 2011 to commemorate the first (and only) time the Smalltown Carnivoo started on time. It has been missing ever since then.

A reward of £94.00 was offered for its safe return, but no sign of the sign has ever been seen.

Despite suggestions from members of the public that the Council check all the cupboards in the White Elephant Enclosure “because that’s where they put all the stuff they want to hide”, the elusive sign has yet to reappear.

However, a resident (who wishes to remain anonymous) has contacted SomersetClive to tell us that he thinks he knows where the sign could be. Mr Harold (Harry) Balls said “I was cleaning windows round at the Squire’s gaff and I’m pretty certain I saw it through a chink in the curtains. I can’t be certain but he looks to be using it as a headboard on his bed. If it IS the sign then it doesn’t look to be in very good condition – it had what looks to be a lot of notches carved into it.”

SomersetClive paid a visit to Teflon Towers to ask Squire Teflon if there was any truth in the rumour, but he pulled his dressing-gown more tightly around his body and hissed “Can’t you see I’m busy? Besides, what have I told you before? WE DON’T TALK ABOUT THE SIGN.”

Readers are encouraged to contact SomersetClive if they have any information pertaining to the sign.

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