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This week the White Elephant Enclosure pays host to the Smalltown Pantomime Society’s (SPS) production of Brother Goose. Tickets have sold well, as they always do for local productions where friends and family can be guaranteed to purchase tickets. Although this event will make the visitor numbers look great it’s not so great in terms of revenue, as the box office receipts will go to SPS, who have hired the venue at the subsidised Community User fee.

Brother Moose tells the tale of a lonely moose who has been ostracised from his family after facing allegations of sexual harassment. Join McCads Moose as he undertakes training to reintegrate him into society, ably assisted by his daft son Robb. Along the way they will meet a Squire, a Demon Deputy Dictator and a troll.

Over at the Blitz Cinema this weekend there’s a huge choice of the latest blockbuster films, with something for everyone. Tickets are priced at £4 each.

Meanwhile, if music is more your thing then over at the South West’s Premier Music Venue The Old Jetty Pub you can catch a band. You will need your running shoes though because some of those musicians can be quite quick on their feet.

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