The Year Ahead with Mystic Mick

Mystic Mick is moving into August and he’s used his knowledge of the stars to predict what’s going to happen.

Mars is set to collide with Uranus around about now, and it could prove to be a bit sticky.

IT LOOKS very much like the holiday season in Smalltown will be a complete washout thanks to the continued rain. Traders in Smalltown ask why there isn’t something exciting to attract any of the visitors, currently cooped up in their caravans in Bream, into the town. “A nice Intergalactic market could make all the difference” says one.

DEPUTY Dictator Cruella Sherry has almost finished training her Top Secret Deputy Dictator Enforcers Against Dictators (DDEAD). The Top Secret training sessions have taken place at the White Elephant Enclosure, which has led to the addition of eight people to the user numbers. This will be the only activity at the WEE for the month.

SQUIRE Teflon and his close-friend and employer Mistress Bones have a falling out, after Mistress Bones announces that she’d quite like to sell up and move to Spain. The Squire is unwilling to leave his WEE in case anyone should try to sell it to the highest bidder.

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