Confirmed: Festivus is coming!

With the last Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Meeting Committee meeting taking place on 3rd October and the next meeting not due until next Monday, and as Dictator Dullard has seemingly gone to ground, with no photo opportunities for over a week, plus Squire Teflon serving out an Illiberal Party imposed media ban, there is a distinct dearth of news in the Smalltown and Dullbridge area.

To tide us over this barren period SomersetClive is having to look to the future to find something to write about.

So with that in mind we can confirm that Festivus is coming! This year the big event is scheduled to take place on 25th December and shops in both Smalltown and Dullbridge are stocking up on tinsel and baubles ready for the big day.

As we get closer to the momentous occasion residents can look forward to taking part in traditional Festivus events such as ‘Hunt the Parsnip’ and ‘Choose the Shortest Check Out Queue Roulette’.

SomersetClive is also looking forward to being able to run some award-winning journalistic stories including ‘Dictator Dullard confirms all residents MUST send her a Christmas card’, ‘Deputy Dictator Sherry confirms she will be carving up Jock ‘Balcony’ McCads instead of traditional turkey’, and ‘Squire Teflon stole my stockings’.

Whilst there is currently not enough going on locally to write home about, the next couple of months will see an absolute surfeit of exciting Festivus related activities taking place all culminating in a massive let down as residents realise that the pair of hand knitted Fair Isle socks they’ve received as a Festivus gift from Great Aunt Grace really is the best the season has to offer.

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