What’s on

This week at the White Elephant Enclosure.

Oh. Nothing again. How many weeks is that now? Must be six weeks or more, give or take a very small handful of people turning up to the last ‘Five Film Club’. Yet expenditure continues at the usual high rate, which will see the WEE struggling to come anywhere near not needing another huge cash injection from Council Tax payers next year.

Meanwhile, at the Blitz Cinema you can watch all the latest blockbuster films and on Saturday there’s a showing of classic Dismal film ‘Jungle Look’. Film fans are being advised to catch that one quickly before it’s banned.

At the South West’s Premier Live Music Venue, the Old Jetty Inn, Tom Portman continues to pump his address book for artists to appear on stage. This Saturday Smalltown residents can catch the very latest in popular music with Tiger Feet, who will be transporting music lovers forward into the 1970s. The event is free.

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