The walls have ears

In yet another attempt to silence critics, Deputy Dictator Cllr ‘Cruella’ Sherry has once again pressed her ‘Top Secret’ button, this time in connection with Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council’s White Elephant Enclosure Mismanagement Committee meetings.

The agenda for the meeting, (once again made publically available in clear contravention of the Local Government Act which states ‘agendas should be available three clear days before the meeting is held’), normally includes written details of the Smalltown Culture and Arts Manager’s (SCAM) report.

In recent months, due to the absence of a SCAM, the report has been submitted by whichever SaD TC staff member was the unfortunate last to leave the building. These reports allow residents of Smalltown and Dullbridge to scrutinise the performance (or not) of the WEE without having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

However, the agenda for last night’s meeting specified that the report would be given orally. Meaning that a copy was not included with the agenda and only Councillors and any members of the public who turned up to the meeting will have been party to the (Seasonally Adjusted) facts and figures within.

Unfortunately for Deputy Dictator Sherry, Smalltown is a small town. Gossip spreads rapidly and, unless she forces everyone at the meeting to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement, word will get out.

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