Who is responsible?

With the agenda for the Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council’s ~White Elephant Enclosure Mismanagement Committee meeting making a last minute public appearance yesterday and with suspicions running high that Councillors are planning to continue to make poor business decisions and throw even more Council Tax Payer’s cash at the biggest waste of money ever in Smalltown (and heaven knows there have been a lot of those), SomersetClive thought it was time to put a spotlight on the SaDTC Councillors who think they have the knowledge and experience required to make a silk purse out of an elephant’s ear.

The new WEE Mismanagement Committee, appointed at the beginning of May, is made up of Cllrs Sherry, Rabbithole, Apprentice-Candlestick Maker, Knickers, NotBothered, Staring, Slurry, and Squire Teflon.

Cllr Sherry is known to be a strong believer in her own abilities to run the WEE, despite not having any business or entertainment industry experience. Cllr Rabbithole believes that his experience as a Don’tins Green Coat qualifies him to run a world-class entertainment venue, and Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker, is too young to have any experience of anything but does exactly what Cllr Sherry tells him to.

Squire Teflon, who notably saved the WEE for the nation by spending £1 of his own money to buy it and has overseen 10 years of failure and almost £1 million from the SaDTC coffers, will expect his fellow Illiberals Cllrs Staring and Slurry to do as he says.

Cllr NotBothered (In It For Himself Party) had already proved himself to be a supporter of the WEE, despite having been elected as a Dullbridge Councillor and spending time handing out food parcels to the poor and needy in Dullbridge who can’t afford to use the WEE even if they wanted to.

The inclusion of Cllr Knickers, who replaces Cllr McCads on the committee, is a bit of a wildcard. As a Professional Fun Police Officer Cllr Knickers is well known for speaking out against any frivolous spending on anything that could bring enjoyment to the lives of residents. Whether this strict outlook will apply to the very small percentage of residents who visit the WEE is currently unknown.

Will Cllr Knickers prove to be the single vote of dissent or will she fall into line and continue to support the vast sums of money spent on the WEE as her fellow committee members will undoubtedly do?

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