SaD BeFuddled leader offers advice

Smalltown and Dullbridge BeFuddled Party leader, Cllr Banish Barracuda has released a statement offering advice to residents trying to deal with the Cost of Living Crisis and, in particular, the high cost of energy.

How is everyone else doing with the huge hikes in the cost of energy ? I haven’t found it to be too much of a problem, but in order to keep in touch with the poor people I’ve been going around my house, turning off the lights and heating, to try to reduce my personal use and understand just how bad life can be for residents.

We are lucky that we can choose to use less power rather than being forced to do so out of necessity as so many in our nation are. Sorry for those in that situation and those who have to use expensive heat for their health.

But those of us who are more fortunate do have a responsibility to use less, to put some downward pressure on costs and reduce strain on the system. And remember, the best way to tax the producers is to not give them your money in the first place.

October was a doddle with the mild weather, but November is proving trickier. As you can see, I are resorting to accessories to keep me warm so we can continue to keep the heating off in our personal retaliation against Putin and the energy industry. I’m currently writing this by candlelight and keeping warm by wearing two pairs of trousers, six jumpers, a dressing gown, coat, eight pairs of socks, slippers, gloves and my ‘I love Fencesitting’ bobble hat.

By far the biggest worry so far is that the house temperature may have dropped so far as to render the yeast in the homebrew dormant. (First World problems, eh?) But we are hoping to hold out just a bit longer

Hope the rest of those that can, are doing so too because then, like me, you can pretend to understand how difficult it is those people who are genuinely finding times tough. Remember – we are all in this together, but some of us aren’t struggling as much as the rest of you.

Coming Next Week :- Cllr Barracuda visits a food bank and tries to survive on a diet of pot noodles, supplemented only by the finest Foie Gras, steak and fresh vegetables he has in his fridge.

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