Criticism and complaints centre on Carnivoo Marshalls couldn’t-care-less stance and cost of sausages.

There were complaints last night that some of the over-zealous Carnivoo Marshalls had been over-zealous with their approach to car parking after access to the public toilets in Smalltown were blocked by vehicles.

Mrs C. Miranda said “The Marshalls have allowed twenty-six vans to park right outside the public toilets, which means no one can use them. Sadgebore District Council have told me that because it’s Carnivoo there’s nothing that they can do. Please can a Marshall move these vans so everyone can have a wee?”

The car park is in chaos, with the Marshalls allowing cars to park everywhere. They’ve even removed the tape from the area that Sadgebore District Council deemed dangerous and have allowed cars to park there. Complete madness.” said Mr A. Senna.

Further complaints were also voiced about the price of food from the burger vans. Mr H. Grant told SomersetCliveI’ve just paid £94 for two sausages. My wife was so shocked she could barely put it in her mouth.”

Mrs J. Roberts agreed saying “The prices charged are an absolute rip off. I should have used one of the Smalltown cafes. But they they were all closed.”

Mr R.Ifans said “I hate Carnivoo. All that noise and pollution. It should be banned.”

P. Ele summed it up in one word “Unbelievable.”

SomersetClive has approached Carnivoo Sheriff Madley Dangeridge for comment, but he was too busy filling a flatbed truck with road cones to reply.

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