End of an Era


After supplying the electricity needs of Smalltown, Dullbridge, and beyond for almost 94 years, yesterday saw the end of an era, as the Chernobyl-by-Sea B Station switched the lights off for the final time, leaving the site in darkness.

Many residents were concerned that the closure would mean that the view, famously described by Former Mayor of Smalltown and Dullbridge, His Royal Highness, Lord Admiral Emperor Nelson Jones, First Duke of Smalltown MBE, OBE and Knight of the Living Dead as looking like a “Medieval Castle” across the bay, would be lost forever.

However, a spokesperson for Chernobyl-by-Sea confirmed to SomersetClive that the Castle will remain untouched for many more years “We are still working on the demolition of A Station – and we started that 22 years ago, so we can assure residents that their view will be unaltered for many years to come.”

With work on construction of the new C Station seriously behind schedule, combined with gas supply shortages across Europe, residents are being warned to get used to sitting in the dark.

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