Residents-only parking scheme extended

Somerset Cuonty Council has confirmed that they have extended the new Residents-only parking scheme in Queensway Road and Dundry Road to non-residents.

The permit parking scheme was introduced to deter workers in Smalltown from leaving their vehicles in the area to avoid car parking charges, leaving residents of the roads unable to park outside their properties.

It has now emerged that the Cuonty Council has agreed to extend the offer of permits to residents living in Lovely Lane and Cambridge Street – providing that they are willing to pay the £940.00 cost of the permit.

A resident of Queensway Road said “This makes an absolute mockery of the idea of us having our own private car park. Somerset Cuonty Council has now sold more permits than there are available spaces, which means we are still going to see the daily fight for spaces. The whole exercise is turning into another money-spinner for the Council.”

Somerset Cuonty Council has confirmed that, if the scheme proves successful, they will make all the roads in Smalltown subject to parking permits, with a spokesperson saying “We need to raise money any way we can, charging residents to park is simple and cost effective for us, as we seek to raise money to subsidise our Councillor pension pots. We are also looking into the idea of introducing Resident Driveway permits, so that we can catch those people in the area who won’t need an on-street permit because they can park their vehicles on their own property.

People need to stop complaining, once the BeFuddled Party take over at Cuonty Hall no one won’t be allowed cars anyway, as everyone will be made to cycle everywhere. Enjoy it while you can.”

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