Smalltown Beer and Music Festival returns

The popular Smalltown Beer, Cider and Music Festival is back at the Blitz Social Club this week with lots of real ales and ciders for participants to sample.

Blitz Manager, Paul PaleAle told SomersetCliveYou lot should definitely come along. Journalists are well known for propping up bars all over the country, so I think you’ll enjoy it. We’ve got a huge selection of real ales in and I know your editor is partial to a few of those!”

SomersetClive’s editor, Clive Saint said “Whilst it’s true that I do like a pint of real ale, I shall be attending purely for the music. Those rumours about me asking for free drinks in return for free publicity are unfounded. I would never agree to my reporters running stories in return for free booze. (Steve – are you going to mention anything about this event being hugely popular and having a wide range of local ciders available as well the real ale?)”

The Blitz Beer, Cider and Music Festival is a hugely popular event and as well as the selection of 94 real ales available at the bar, a number of local ciders will also be on sale. A wide variety of musical acts will also be showcasing their talents and will guarantee to get your toes tapping. Some of you may even take to the dance floor as the beer hits the spot.

(Having seen our Editor dancing at our Christmas Party we’d advise everyone to maintain a good distance if any of the bands strike up ‘Agadoo’.)

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