Hellhole Holiday Park Appeal

Proposed stage at Hellhole Holiday Park

Following Sadgebore District Council’s decision to reduce the licensing hours for Hellhole Holiday Park’s recent application to operate an outside entertainment venue Hellhole has decided to launch an appeal.

The original application requested that the park be able to offer loud entertainment and serve alcohol 24 hours a day, for 365 days of the year, with Hellhole claiming “It’s what our visitors want. And is nothing whatsoever to do with us having a captive audience who have nothing better to do than consume vast quantities of alcohol, thus allowing us to make lots of money.

Hellhole had claimed that the outside bar area already had permission to sell alcohol and that they didn’t really need permission to vary the conditions, with their advisor telling the assembled panel and objectors “So ya boo, sucks to you.”. However they stated that they no longer planned to host wrestling and boxing matches on the stage. “We have withdrawn that aspect from our application as we feel that it is unnecessary. We believe there will be plenty of boxing and wrestling taking place amongst our customers in the bar area as they wait to be served more booze, so we don’t need formal approval for this form of entertainment.”

The Licensing Panel agreed to the application but with new conditions, which will see any entertainment finishing at an early time of 8.00pm, to prevent late night disturbance to residents in the surrounding area.

Permission to hold any events will also be subject to Hellhole receiving planning permission for the stage and bar – something that hasn’t yet been granted – despite the bar already being on site. SomersetClive understands that Hellhole haven’t yet applied for planning permission, which could well be why it hadn’t been approved. Without the necessary permission to site the bar and build the stage area any variation to their entertainment licence is invalid.

It is understood that Hellhole has recently lodged an appeal against the reduced operating hours for the entertainment area they don’t yet have permission for.

A local resident was heard to say “Quite honestly, this is the only chance Hellhole has of appealing to anyone.”

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