‘Congratulations’ Mystic Mick

Readers of SomersetClive have rushed to congratulate local medium Mystic Mick as another of his predictions came true.

“Wow! Incredible” said one.

I’ll admit, I thought Mick had lost it when I first heard his prediction, but it looks like he was spot on again” said another.

Back in January, Mystic Mick had a premonition that, with Sadgebore District Council assuming responsibility for Bream Beach, car parking charges would increase.

“I was sat at my desk, staring into my crystal ball when, from out of the blue, my spirit guide, Hero Shi-ma, contacted me. He was a Japanese warrior and he often shares with me his uncanny ability to see into the future.

On this occasion he told me that as soon as Sadgebore had taken control of the beach they would increase the car parking charges in order to claw back their investment. I didn’t believe Hero at first, because I couldn’t imagine SDC acting so quickly.”

At the time, everyone thought that Sadgebore had agreed to Bream Parish Council’s request for help out of the kindness of their heart. The need for assistance arose after the Really Needy Lifesaving Association (RNLA) undertook an unsolicited survey of the facilities and identified a number of areas that, in their opinion, needed improvement – including the employment of RNLA life guards during the summer season.

With Bream Parish Council unable to afford the proposed £94,000 cost of the RNLA scheme they had no option but to relinquish control of the beach to Sadgebore. SDC spokesperson Blair Stagg said “We were delighted to help out and, as well as raising car parking fees, we hope to also make money from unsuspecting residents and visitors by introducing a ‘pay2pee’ scheme for the toilets. We are also offering opportunities for concessions selling ice-cream, snacks, buckets and spades, and novelty hats. We are going to be raking it in during our final summer season.”

Mystic Mick said “On the one hand I’m delighted that yet another of my predictions has come true, but I’m not happy that I’m going to have to pay more to park my vehicle on the beach.”

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