ASS fire first salvo

Leaders of the Smalltown Shops (SS) group, Mistress Bones and Lady Brassy of Easton-under-Water, are amongst those who have received a flyer from the Anti-Smalltown Shops (ASS) group.

Others who have made public receipt of the flyer include the Cheese Festival organisers, the Farmhouse-Kitcheners, Councillor Fencesitter and local business magnate Lex Turkey.

The flyer announces that the new group will be ‘Coming soon’ and aims to campaign against the SS on the grounds that the group is politically motivated, anti-democratic and anti-transparent.

It further claims that the SS is preventing change, stopping innovation and wasting tax payers money by applying for Town Council funding.

Mystery surrounds the sender of the flyer, which was posted first class to recipients, and the paranoid fingers of suspicion are being pointed in all directions, as members of the SS group seek to find the culprit.

Have you had a flyer? Tell Clive!

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