Smalltown and Dullbridge residents see price increases at local garages

Residents in Smalltown are Dullbridge have contacted SomersetClive to complain about the prices at local garages increasing overnight.

We asked our ace-reporter Emma to check out the reports. Here’s what she discovered.

At both the SOS garages in Smalltown the price of a Freddo has gone up almost 50% and they are now £1.55 each. The Texan garage is currently selling them for £1.63, whilst Applegate has the much lower price of £1.54, however stocks are limited.

In Dullbridge you can still get a Freddo for £1.52 at the supermarket garage, but the Golf service station is selling them for £1.61. It’s not that long ago that you could get a Freddo for 10p, so this really is a vast increase.

This is just about the worst news ever, especially when you consider that it is Universal Women’s Day and for us, chocolate is a necessity and not a luxury item.

I would recommend that all women immediately start stockpiling Freddos, to safeguard against further price increases and possible shortages.

(Editor – Errm. Emma, I actually sent you out to report on fuel-prices.

Mr Editor – May I remind you that your female members of staff have agreed that we will only be reporting on items of interest to women? I refer you to Monday’s meeting in your office when we discussed ‘Misogynistic Males in the Workplace’, ‘Equality for Women in the SomersetClive Office’ and, following SaD Town Council’s lead, the introduction of our own ‘Womenopause Policy’. We aren’t in the least bit interested in dirty, smelly diesel.

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