Festive Fun Finally Finishes

Yes, that’s right. After all the build-up and anticipation Smalltown’s joint Grand Christmas blah, blah, blah Switch On and Ignite Smalltown events are finally over.

An over-zealous Carnivoo Marshal was spotted loading the last of the ‘Road Closed’ signs into a trailer and taking down the last of the barricades.

When SomersetClive shouted across the road “You still at it then?” the Hi-viz wearing Carnivoo Marshal replied “Yeah. Always the same with these events innit? The organisers p*ss off to slap themselves on the back as soon as the band finishes and its left to us to sort out the mess left behind. I’ve been picking up fake snow for hours.” He looked as if he might have a lot more to say about the matter, but SomersetClive kept walking and his words were lost to the wind (along with several traffic cones).

Meanwhile, crew members from Smalltown Area Ship and Hovercraft (SMASH) assembled at their headquarters early this morning to hose down their equipment. On arrival at their base two members were urgently dispatched to Asdal to replenish the biscuit tin. All members were stood down after Dunking Duties were completed.

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