Deterioration Committee Latest

The Smalltown Deterioration committee have decided to support financially a play concerning a local car crash.

Given its history of supporting lost causes and ever escalating spend on arts it comes as no surprise that SaD council will spend £2000 on a 260 year old wooden wreckage.

The funding has been given by SaD to cover the costs of putting the play on at the SaD-owned Smalltown White Elephant Enclosure.

A brief history of the Smalltown Car Crash.

In 1758 (Editor – are you sure about this date?) Smalltown was the site of the first ever car crash, when the heavily-pregnant Catherine Suckling was involved in a crash with a French tourist, Mr Bonaparte. Prior to the visit by Mr Bonaparte, Miss Suckling was the only car owner in Smalltown.

Miss Suckling immediately went into labour after the incident and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy. Smalltown residents will be aware that this historic event has been commemorated at various sites around Smalltown.

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