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Instead of the Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council subsidised performance of Hands and Great Al this weekend, visitors to the White Elephant Enclosure can see a performance of Stranger Danger in the Woods, put on by the junior section of the Whirl Amateur Dramatics and Singing Society (WADSS), which also benefits from Community User rates, despite not being in the Smalltown and Dullbridge community.

Tickets are selling well, as they always do when friends and family can be relied upon to make a purchase, but in terms of income for the WEE it will be the usual small amount, which barely covers the cost of a day’s expenditure. Oh well, at least people from Easton-under-Water can enjoy an evening out subsidised by SaD residents.

At the South West’s Premier Music Venue, The Old Jetty Inn, normally morose Singing Landlord Tom Portman is having a good week for once and has confirmed that The Old Jetty won’t be closing anytime soon. Instead there’s a plethora of music acts lined up for the coming weeks and, more importantly, a new range of beer.

As well as screening all the latest cinematic releases, Blitz Cinema owner, Padraig Irishh, has secured a live stream of Madame Moth from the Royal Operatic House. The sort of high-brow entertainment which you would expect to see in a theatre setting. Except Mr Irishh’s offer to take over the White Elephant Enclosure was rejected by SaDTC without discussion.

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