The Year Ahead with Mystic Mick

We are back with Smalltown Pseudo Mystic Mick as he looks forward to what’s in store for Smalltown and Dullbridge next year.

ILLIBERAL Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Councillor Saul Synn misses his 94th Council meeting. The BeFuddled Party suggest that perhaps Cllr Synn should resign and a by-election be called. Squire Teflon vehemently disagrees saying “I can’t support this idea. There is a slim possibility that another BeFuddled could win the seat and that’s the last thing any resident of Smalltown and Dullbridge would want.
Instead the BeFuddleds agree to Squire Teflon’s request that he be given Saul Synn’s vote at all future meetings.

A NEW shop opens in Smalltown. It sells pizza.

DICTATOR Dullard refuses to loosen her grip on the chains of office. “I am the Headmistress, Mayor and Dictator of SaD, and I’m not giving my pretty necklace up for anyone. Especially Deputy Dictator Cruella Sherry. She will need to mount a coup if she wants to be Dictator.

DEPUTY Dictator Sherry forms a new committee – The Committee of Smalltown Secrecy and Security (CSSS) and begins training members to be her enforcers, using the techniques she has employed during her tenure as Chair of the White Elephant Enclosure Mismanagement and Top-Secret Human Resources Committees.

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