Making headlines

News and media outlets in Smalltown and Dullbridge, as well as the whole of Somerset and the national press, had an easy week last week after a group of residents and one man in particular won something.

In what has been described as ‘the most exciting thing to happen in Smalltown since the last exciting thing happened, which was so long ago nobody can remember it‘, journalists across the region scrambled to get interviews with the winners and to find the best angle on the story.

In this way, some media outlets managed to run the same story every day for a week, rewriting the original story several times to ensure wall-to-wall coverage and leaving no stone unturned in the quest to submit a new story about the same old news on a daily basis.

Amongst the headlines were ‘Not down in Smalltown – we meet the winners on the up’, ‘Old Person comes alive after win’, ‘Lucky Smalltowners Celebrate’, ‘Oldest Old Person Ever Wins’, and ‘Smalltown Streets Scoop Splendiferous Share of Spoils.’.

Unfortunately, SomersetClive was too busy trying to think of something – anything – that the Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council BeFuddleds (or the Illiberals) have ever done for us and instead missed out on a stream of easy news, which is a shame because there’s no news at all this week.

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