Tartification Grants awarded

Miraculously, members of Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council’s Finance and Misappropriation Committee took heed of SomersetClive’s advice yesterday when considering the applications for the ‘Tartification Grants’.

Grants of up to £1000 were on offer, but had to be matched by an equivalent sum from the applicant.

Both TreeFrieze and Smalltown Cut and Colour were awarded the amount requested, with TreeFrieze awarded £305 for a project costed at £610 and Cut and Colour in Jetty Street getting the full £1000, after promising to work their fingers to the bone to add a further £1200 to their project costed at £2200.

Trim and Cropper salon was awarded £720 of their requested £1000 for a project costed at £1494, although the applicant had been told that if they can up their costs to £2000 with some fictional estimates, they could qualify for the full £1000.

Meanwhile Tiffins Health Food shop failed to obtain any funding as Committee Members agreed with SomersetClive that the application didn’t meet any of the criteria in place.

Well done SaD TC Finance and Misappropriation Committee. At last we seem to be getting through to you. Of only you’d listened last week when we reported that you’d be discussing Christmas Trees.

Now you have all that unallocated All-New-Yet-Unimproved Somerset Cuonty Council Tartification Grant Funding money is there any chance of some cash to improve the SomersetClive office? Seems a shame not to claim it and we could do with a new coffee machine.

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