Mystic Mick predicts

Here at SomersetClive we often ask local soothsayer and world renowned spirit botherer Mystic Mick what he predicts will be the outcome of decisions made by Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council.

This week, with the hot news that SaDTC are spending a huge £7000.94 on Christmas Trees for Smalltown and Dullbridge, we asked him what he saw in store for the trees. Would they form the centrepiece of Festivus in both towns? Or did a more horrific fate lie in store?

Mystic invited us along for a cup of tea and promised to read our tea leaves afterwards. Unfortunately, he used a tea bag to make our cup and there were no leaves, but Mystic was nonplussed and told us “Oh dear. I see dark times ahead.”

“Very dark times indeed. The Christmas Lights aren’t going to come on when they are supposed to. Which is going to be bad enough, but the tree is going to prove to be an even pricklier problem.

Positioning the tree in Jetty Street is going to prove disastrous, and I’m getting an image of a tree which is no longer majestic and upright, standing proudly to attention, but is instead collapsed and flacid. It’s not a good look at all.

SaD Town Council would do well to heed my warning and, rather than place the tree where no one will really see it, apart from a few drunks on their way home to their bedsit in Kidlington Street, they should site it in its traditional spot outside the George Hotel.

I don’t expect they will listen though. They don’t listen to anyone.”

Will Mystic’s prediction come true? Only time will tell.

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