Smalltown group seeks help

Smalltown’s branch of Tea-Engage, a charity that provides monthly tea-parties for elderly people, is appealing for local help. The group needs more volunteer hosts to join those who provide two afternoon tea-parties per year.

Pauline Protractor, Smalltown’s Tea-Engage co-ordinator, says: “Since we launched in 2021, we now provide monthly get-togethers for lonely people, who might otherwise find they have no one but their own reflection in the mirror to talk to.

We now need four more hosts who can provide an afternoon tea for our guest. A lot of our hosts have recently had to stop running these events, because they’ve found listening to our guest can be a trifle draining, so we are seeking replacements for those who have dropped out of the scheme.

Potential hosts merely need to provide an afternoon tea for Dictator Dullard, and in return can feel good knowing their work is benefitting the community by keeping her off the streets and away from any photo opportunities for an hour or so each week.”

Dictator Dullard will need access to a downstairs toilet and can cope with no more than three steps up to the front door. Hosts will need to ensure a plentiful supply of tea bags and hot water. Dictator Dullard will supply the hot air.

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