SaD Councillor shares enjoyment

Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council’s Councillor Robb Apprentice-Candlestick Maker has revealed how much he enjoyed the recent Play Away Day in Pinnacle Park.

Speaking to SomersetClive, Robb said “I had a wonderful day! My mum brought me over from our home in Fridgpond to Dullbridge and I had the best day ever!

In the morning I played on the swings and the slide and also tried a bit of extreme knitting. Mummy had prepared a picnic, so we sat at the side of the lake and ate our sandwiches and mini scotch eggs.

Then, in the afternoon I did some colouring, but I found it really difficult to stay within the lines. The other children didn’t seem to find it as difficult as I did, but Dictator Dullard told me “It was good to see you try.”.

I played on the swings again and tried to see how high I could get, but just as I’d managed to get a bit of momentum going and mummy was able to stop pushing me, she said it was time to go home, because I needed my afternoon quiet time before bed.”

The Pinnacle Park Play Away Day was organised by the Friends of Pinnacle Park (FOPP) who said that Councillor Apprentice-Candlestick Maker was just one of a huge number of children who had enjoyed the day.

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