Carnivoo upsets people again

After facing accusations of homophobia for banning an entry from the Easton-under-Water LGBTQWERT+ Group in last year’s Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Carnivoo, the SaD Carnivoo Committee is now going all out for ‘inclusivity’.

Former Chairman, Bill Old, was left with no option but to stand down as chair and hand the reins over to his sister, after declaring that the EOW LGBTQWERTY+ group entry, ‘What a Gay Day!’ broke several Carnivoo rules, despite having already been accepted as an entry by the Home Of Carnivoo, Fridgpond.

Mr Old notably indirectly claimed that residents of Smalltown and Dullbridge were themselves homophobic, and he would therefore be powerless to prevent The Crowd throwing bricks.

Now a new row has broken out as it emerged that, as part of the New-All-Inclusive-Carnivoo-Policy, the usual area set aside for disabled parking will now be open to anyone prepared to pay.

The disabled parking area is located towards the end of the route, and those less mobile have been able to avail themselves of the facility in previous years to avoid the traditional route-march into town. It offered the less able the chance to stay in the warmth of their cars and either get out to watch as the Carnivoo approached or stay in their cars to enjoy the spectacle.

However, the new All-inclusive-Policy has led to complaints from previous users of the disabled parking area who claim that they are now faced with the possibility of missing out on a disabled parking space and that they are therefore facing discrimination and feel the new inclusive policy could actually exclude them.

An overzealous Carnivoo Marshall said “We are indeed selling tickets for this area, but in an attempt to gain a new, cuddly, definitely not anti anything or anyone image we have decided that the disabled area will be open to all. Except the gays.

I’m sorry. I’ve just been reminded that we love the gays. Sorry about that. Old habits – you know.

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