FREE FOPP event today

Pinnacle Park in Dullbridge is the setting today for a Scavenger HUNT organised by the Friends of Pinnacle Park (FOPP).

FOPP spokesperson, Lizzie Tailor said “This is the second year we’ve held a Scavenger Hunt in the park, and last year’s event was an immediate success. Two words you don’t normally associate with Dullbridge.

The event is free to attend and families will be asked to scavenge the park, picking up items from a list we’ve prepared, and popping them into a bag we will provide.

There are 94 items on the list for children to scavenge, including an empty bottle of Albanian Whiskey, an old crisp packet and a used syringe. We will be supplying the required Personal Protection Equipment such as gloves and haz-mat suits, as well as the bag.

There will be a prize for every child who has a full bag at the end.”

Entrants will need to first visit the FOPP office to collect their PPE, a copy of the list and a map incase they get lost.”

The first FOPP Scavenger Hunt in 2022 attracted over 194 children and their families and it is hoped that even more will take part this year.

Dullbridge is currently overtaking Smalltown in the free entertainment stakes and all the current events have been organised without help from Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council, who are still yet to acknowledge that Dullbridge is part of their Council territory.

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