Smalltown hits the headlines

Smalltown has hit the national news again. Slow on the heels of news which ranked Smalltown as in the top three of the worst destinations for holidaymakers, the town had now made an appearance in the Daily Sexpest’s series of ‘Sensationalised Stories set in Seaside towns’.

Previous sensationalised story headlines have included :-

  • The beautiful seaside town that’s so deprived locals have struggled to buy food
  • UK’s worst seaside town ‘stuck 50 years in the past’ and is ‘truly awful’
  • Thousands flock to UK’s ‘dangerous seaside town’ even in the torrential rain
  • Flying rat’ seagulls terrorise seaside town leaving people ‘bloodied’

Whilst all of these could easily have been written about Smalltown as they all equally apply, the Daily Sexpest is reasonably gentle in its treatment of Smalltown, merely describing the area as ‘The underrated seaside town with beach ranked among UK’s worst is home to its smallest pier’.

Phew. We got off lightly there.

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