Sticky Vicky appears in Smalltown

Legendary ‘entertainer’, Sticky Vicky Lewis demonstrated her repertoire to an aghast audience in a Smalltown pub on Sunday night.

After flying over from Bendydorm Vicky said “This was a one-night only performance, mainly because I was thrown out of the pub for showing more than anyone wanted to see.

I don’t really understand what the problem was, I checked that everyone had finished eating first.

I saw that the Tramway pub in my hometown of Smalltown recently had a visit from two naked people who were allowed to flaunt their goods, and I decided that it was about time I showed my own wares to a Smalltown audience.

I thought a stool in the bar area was the best place for my show, and I invited an audience member to help me out with some of the more tricky manoeuvres. For some reason the bar staff took exception to my free display and I was told to leave, even though neither me or my friend had reached the climax of the act. To make matters worse, my taxi hadn’t arrived either.”

A spokespint for the pub said “Please don’t tell anyone which pub this was. We don’t want the Crowd descending on our seafront establishment hoping for a repeat performance.

We threw Ms Sticky and her ‘friend’ out because this is a family pub and we have enough problems with our sticky tables, without adding sticky chairs into the mix.”

SomersetClive understands that Ms Sticky has now returned to Bendydorm, where her show can be seen every night during the summer season.

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