PRUDE going ahead

Organisers of Smalltown and Dullbridge Pride – a Really Unique Diverse Event (PRUDE) have confirmed that the event will still be going ahead on Saturday despite the weather forecast hinting that there may be a lot of soggy flags and damp glitter in Chateau Gardens on the day.

However, the Crowd are being warned that before they can take part in the fun at Chateau Gardens, they must first prove they are worthy by taking part in an endurance test.

The starting point for the PRUDE Endurance Test (PET) will be Dullbridge Train Station with entrants encouraged to assemble from 10am. PET entrants (PETEs) must be equipped with flags, whistles and bells.

All PETEs will be asked to follow the PET route from Dullbridge to Smalltown which is expected to take an hour, and will then be allowed to collapse in an exhausted heap in front of the stage in Chateau Gardens.

For those PETEs who feel unable to undertake the full PET there are two PETE pick-up points for the PET (PETE-PUP-4PET) along the way. Full details can be found on the PRUDE website.

Over zealous Carnivoo Marshalls will be lining the route to ensure that PETES stick to the correct PET route and will be equipped with cattle prods to ensure no one strays from the path.

Preferred PRUDE Partner SomersetClive is currently looking for an office volunteer to be our PETE in the PET. Saturday has suddenly become the day that all staff members are busy washing their hair.

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