Readers love Clive

SomersetClive readers have been flooding the discussion forum on Media Magnate Mike Maxman’s brilliant quadruple award-winning website to share their love for SomersetClive. (Ed – For heavens sake, Steve. How many times do I have to tell you? He ISN’T going to give you a job.)

Unfortunately their actions have resulted in two contraventions of the Forum User Rules for Mr Maxman’s quadruple award-winning website. (Ed – Steve. Stop. NOW.), which explicitly ban this sort of thing.

Section 146A, Rule 94, clearly states that “Users of this award-winning website are not permitted to include links to other non-award-winning media websites at any time, as these may be judged by the moderator as inciting crime.” (Ed – Steve, if you use the phrase ‘award-winning’ once more young man you’ll find yourself covering Dictator Dullard’s long-winded speeches for eternity.)

The forum posts could also be in contravention of new rule ‘Section 476Z, Rule 394’ introduced last year, which bans members of the winning-awards website from mentioning directly, or via links to other media outlets, content which could be ‘construed as negative towards either Squire Teflon , Mistress Xxxxx, or her Xxxxxxxxx and Xxx Xxxxxxxx. reserve the right to remove postings that infringe this rule, as we are fed up of receiving threatening phone calls and/or emails from Xxxxxx Xxxxxx.
The Moderator’s decision is final, so there’s no point arguing about it.’

This blatant rule breaking led to the deletion of the threads and those forum members who commented are now expected to find themselves in detention writing ‘I must not break the winning-awards website Forum User Rules’ 994 times, or until they die; whichever is soonest.

SomersetClive contacted Media Magnate Mike Maxman for comment and he told us “No. I’m not giving you a job. Go away. If you’re that desperate why don’t you ask Mistress Xxxxx if she has any vacancies at her Xxxxxxxxx and Xxx Xxxxxxxx for Xxxxxxxxx delivery boys. Happy to help.”

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