Weather Warning

Small handfuls of Smalltown and Dullbridge residents have been contacting the SomersetClive office to complain about our lack of weather coverage in recent weeks.

Betty Drizzle said “You’ve barely had any weather news for months. Time was I’d look at your website and there was nothing but weather. Yet in six months you’ve only published three weather stories. THREE. That’s abysmal. We need more weather, otherwise no one has anything to talk about. You need to sort it out before Smalltown and Dullbridge descend into silence.”

Harvey Humid agreed saying “I haven’t been able to talk to my neighbours for months. We’ve got absolutely nothing to say to each other. Not that long ago we regularly greeted each other with a cheery ”Morning! Have you seen the weather?’ or ‘Clive says rain today.’, but since you stopped running stories about the meteorological conditions we’ve practically ignore each other.”

Major Timmy Thunders added “You seem to have forgotten what it is to be British. It’s a disgrace. I didn’t fight in four World Wars to not be able to talk about the weather. Pull your fingers out lads, make an effort to do your country proud. Give us what we want. Give us weather.”

We contacted SomersetClive‘s weather correspondent resident weather specialist Meteorological Mick and he told us” “I told you before, if you want accurate details about the weather then you need to subscribe to ‘Mystic Mick’s Meteorological Musings’. You think you can get away with my services without paying. It’s hard work forecasting weather.

It’s not as if you can simply pull the curtains open in the morning and look out of your bedroom window to see what the weather is doing. No. It is far more complex than that. Just because it is sunny now it doesn’t mean that it isn’t going to rain later on. Best to take an umbrella with you.

You can have that one for free, but if you want more you’ll have to pay.”

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