Mystic Mick Predicts

Mystic Mick Predicts

Following the news that the Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council White Elephant Enclosure Mismanagement Committee has agreed to the appointment of a Smalltown Provisional Arts Manager (SPAM1) as detailed in the Top Secret Report by the Top Secret Consultants, Smalltown soothsayer Mystic Mick has been in contact with SomersetClive to give us his predictions as to the identity of the lucky candidate.

The Top Secret Report had advised that a SPAM1 be appointed immediately on a short contract whilst the WEE Mismanagement Committee searched for someone to take on the role of the Smalltown Permanent Arts Manager.

Mystic Mike told us “I’ve consulted my tea bags, and I think you are going to be quite surprised by my readings, of course I could be wrong, but the message I’m getting is that SaD Town Council will take the advice given by the Top Secret Consultants in their Top Secret Report to employ a SPAM1 very seriously.

Chairthing of the WEE Committee, Deputy Dictator Sherry, is going to try to keep this very Top Secret Indeed and when you find out who will get the job I think you will realise why she is so keen to keep it quiet.

In order to make quick work of getting someone on board the job will be given to one of the authors of the Top Secret Report. Yes, that’s right. One of the Top Secret Consultants will who advised that a SPAM1 was required will become the SPAM1. My tea bags are telling me that, although the vacancy will be advertised the position has already been filled.

Cllr Sherry will tell her fellow Councillors during a WEE Committee meeting in a couple of months time that they have found someone who will offer 10 hours work a week in order to keep the WEE ticking over, but she won’t tell them who has got the job.”

At the moment no official statement has been released, so SomersetClive can confirm that this is purely speculation on the part of Mystic Mick – unless he really does have the power to see into the future.

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