End of Term Report

Dictator Dullard is back with another of her End of Term Reports and this time she shares her views of a man who runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds.

Councillor Robert NotBothered
In It For Himself Party

Councillor NotBothered is one of those people who likes the sound of his own voice. I’m sure you know the sort of person I mean. He is never happier then when he is given the opportunity to opine about himself. Because of this, it can be difficult for those less confident to contribute, which is more or less everyone else.

Cllr NotBothered has previously been both an Illiberal and BeFuddled Councillor, but now represents his own interests and those of his wife, former Illiberal Sadgebore District Councillor Jane NotBothered.

Cllr NotBothered is a member of the Finance and Misappropriation, White Elephant Enclosure and Human Resources Secret Committee.

As a member of the WEE committee he suggested that “writing a business plan is easy, so easy I could go home and write one myself tonight“. However, his WEE business plan is yet to see the light of day, as has any other WEE business plan.

He works tirelessly to promote himself as the saviour of the poor in Dullbridge, yet was more than happy to vote through the increased budget for the WEE, although to keep in with Dullbridge residents he refused to support the increase in Council Tax necessary to fund it. A man of double, if not triple, standards.

Currently, Cllr NotBothered is my main rival in terms of self promotion and media coverage, thanks to his work with the Porland Food Bank and Porland Community Hub. So keen is he to get his name out there that when I recently invited Janet McCartney to speak about the Porland Community Hall at the recent Annual Towns Meeting, he intercepted the microphone and delivered her speech for her, reminding everyone that it was he, and he alone, who obtained the £10k grant to improve the facilities.

Of the 19 meetings he should have attended he has missed only two, which is an attendance rate of 89%, actually better than most of the BeFuddleds and all of the Illiberals.

Effort: 3/10
Achievement: 2/10
Conclusion: I am not entirely convinced that Cllr NotBothered does his own homework. I firmly believe that he is strongly influenced by his wife, Jane NotBothered. She is a regular at our meetings and can often be seen mouthing the answers at him or coughing at strategic moments

However, I do need to keep him onside, in case he decides to side with those Illiberals, so I’m going to award him a Head Prefect badge.

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