Cllr issues warning

Councillor Robb Apprentice-Candlestick Maker issued a warning on AceCrook yesterday, suggesting that his 58 followers should be aware that there may be “in-appropriate journalism” or “untrusted news” circulating which could misinform everyone.

He included several different links in his post, in order to “help us all determine ‘fake news’.” SomersetClive reached out to Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker to ask him which sites readers should be aware of and to ask him for clarification of the fake news to which he alluded.

Unfortunately Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker had already left to catch the school bus.

In a further turn of events it emerged that Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker had not been present at any of the BeFuddled Party meetings held to discuss the inappropriate behaviour of Cllr Jock McCads, as it had been felt that the subject matter should receive an 18+ certificate and was, therefore, not suitable for Cllr Apprentice-Candlestick Maker’s young ears.

SomersetClive would suggest the Councillor check his own posts for ‘fake news’, before accusing others of making stuff up for the fun of it.

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