Mayor’s Secret Plan foiled

Smalltown Police have revealed that they have put an end to a secret plot which had been devised by Dictator Dullard and which was scheduled to take place on Saturday as residents are celebrating the Coronation of King Henry IX.

A spokestruncheon said “We received information from an anonymous source that Dictator Dullard has been planning to disrupt the Smalltown Celebratory Coronation Celebration.

It would seem that she was planning to invite the Town Shouter in to the Hayloft Road Palace Retirement Home for Bemused and Bewildered BeFuddled Party ex-Teachers (and Others) on the pretext of checking that his shoes were shiny enough.

Once inside, she planned to push him into a cupboard and steal his Official Proclamation, which he is due to shout out on Saturday afternoon.

Once she had possession of the Official Proclamation she then planned to deliver said Official Proclamation herself, first at the Town Flag Pole in Smalltown, before attempting to find her way to Dullbridge Community Hall to read it out again.

We have spoken to the Town Shouter, Oliver Curry, and have taken the Official Proclamation into custody for safe keeping. We will also be providing Mr Curry with police protection on the day.

However, it should be noted that it is higjhly likely that Dictator Dullard will insist on delivering a speech of her own, after Mr Curry had read out the real thing.

We would ask residents to be vigilant at all times and to call Smalltown Police Station if they should spot Dictator Dullard lurking in the vicinity.”

Residents are further advised not to approach Dictator Dullard fir their own safety, as it is likely that she may try to send people to the naughty step.

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