More Money for Old Wood

The Wooden Wreck Appreciation Society Project (WWASP), awarded a £2500 grant by Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Council’s Finance and Misappropriation Committee last year, has successfully managed to gain vast sums of money from several other organisations.

WWASP plan to create an event to commemorate a pile of wood on Bream and Barrow beach and recently held an audition at the White Elephant Enclosure to find five actors to create a play. The successful applicants will be paid £601 a week for around six weeks for their services and will be required to create the play, write the play, act the play and sing the play.

A Marketing Officer will also be employed for 10 days at a rate of £200 per day.

It is hoped that residents of Smalltown and Dullbridge will also get involved, either as part of the cast or front of house, welcoming people into the WEE, but they will not be paid for their time.

To help cover these costs WWASP has secured funding from the Lottery Heritage Fund to the tune of £92,711 and from the Arts Council for £84,311 as well as several smaller grants from other local funding sources.

WWASP is a community interest company, organised and run by a single individual, who has estimated an overall cost of over £220,000 for the project, which includes the sum of £205,000 to be paid for ‘professional services’.

The project is unlikely to be of much interest to anyone apart from those who are being paid to be involved and is best described as money for old wood.

SaD Town Council’s £2500 will be used to purchase sandwiches for a month to the estimated 20 people taking part in the project at a cost of £4.00 per head.

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