Witherspoons pub to sell beer

The Witherspoons pub chain has announced that beer will be available at the Willow Arms in Jetty Street, Smalltown during a 12-day real-ale festival, which begins tomorrow.

Pub manager, Dik Pope, said: “Head Office has managed to round up a job lot of beers which are very close to their ‘Best Before’ date and we are marketing them as a Beer Festival to try to shift them. Bulk purchasing of beer in this way allows us to showcase a selection of superb beers over a 12-day period, at great value for money prices.

It will also give our customers the opportunity to enjoy a number of beers which have not previously been served in the pub, including those from overseas.”

Mr Pope also advises patrons visit the pub quickly, as the annual table-clean took place recently and the tables won’t be unsticky for much longer.

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