Smalltown Celebratory Coronation Celebration Party planned

Smalltown and Dullbridge (SaD) Town Councillors agreed to give grant funding of £500 to Smalltown’s Most Popular Person Cllr Jock McCads to fund the purchase of some single-use plastic pint glasses for use during the Celebratory Coronation Celebration Party (CCCP).

The CCCP is planned to take place on Sunday 7th March in Chateau Gardens and will feature the usual mix of popular Smalltown singers and groups. Jock McCads is well known locally for organising the popular series of ‘Mad Hatter’s Tea Parties’, and it is not yet clear if this event is a replacement for, or in addition to, the usual events.

In hs application for funding Cllr McCads detailed that he would like to use the grant received from SaD Town Council to purchase a job lot of single-use plastic beer glasses, emblazoned with King Henry IX’s face.

I’m hoping that I will be able to purchase several boxes full of disposable plastic pint glasses. These will be given away free with every pint purchased, but limited to one per person.” Cllr McCads said.

“King Henry IX is well known for his love of the environment and I’m sure he will think that the sight of discarded plastic glasses hidden amongst the trees and bushes in Chateau Gardens is brilliant and the thought of them languishing there in perpetuity will bring a tear to his eye.”

With the full line up of musical acts for the event still to be confirmed, Cllr McCads pointed out that he has requested that all performers include a patriotic song in their set list.

The first band to sign on the dotted line is popular local beat combination band The Six Pistols, who will no doubt perform their popular 1977 hit ‘God Save the Queen’, but with the lyric changed to reflect the new monarch.


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