Business Tycoon incredulous

Respected Smalltown business tycoon and Squire Teflon’s arch-nemesis Lex Turkey has expressed his incredulity at Squire Teflon’s recent comments on the Smalltown Posh Illiberal Party AceCrook page.

In the post Squire Teflon claimed that the BeFuddled Party plan to close the White Elephant Enclosure and are solely to blame for the seven percent increase in Council Tax which is required to pay to keep it open for another year.

Mr Turkey responded “Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good bit of politics. Having attended five meetings setting Town Council budgets where the White Elephant Enclosure was discussed there was nothing but support for the WEE from all sides.

It used to be you could rely on the Illiberals to support the Council Tax payer by keeping costs under control and tax low. Not any more it seems.

Pre pandemic Smalltown and Dullbridge Town Council spent £1 of every £9 on the theatre. Now it’s £1 in every £5. For every £1 it earns, it expects another £3+ in tax payer support.

As for the departed Smalltown Art and Culture Manager (SCAM), it’s quite clear line management and taking direction were areas for improvement.

The WEE cannot have unlimited support because the tax payer does not have unlimited funds.

The Illiberals leave themselves open to ridicule by taking positions like this. Oh, and voting in favour of each component of the budget setting process and then not the actual total budget!”

Mr Turkey expanded on his concerns to SomersetClive saying “Squire Teflon is firmly behind all of this. It has his grubby fingerprints all over it. To insist that the WEE be given astronomical amounts of money and voting to approve all budget increases but then saying” I can’t support this budget” as if it wasn’t his fault in the first place is quite remarkable. I’m surprised he has the audacity to show his face in public.”

SomersetClive tried to contact Squire Teflon for his response, but we couldn’t find him. We would love to hear from any residents who may have spotted him recently. Please email to report any sightings.

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